About Us

Kairali Books was established in 2004, with the tagline “A Vadakkan Peruma in the field of publishing”. It was registered as a Private Limited company with famous film actor Sreenivasan as Chairman and O. Ashok Kumar as Managing Director. Currently, O. Ashok Kumar is acting as Chairman and Managing Director. So far, more than 1600 books in different genres have been published under the banner of Kairali Books. Thus, it could introduce various renowned writers in Malayalam and other Indian languages to the readers. To augment this, Kairali Books was able to form an efficient marketing chain.

A magazine named Akam was launched under the auspices of Kairali Books in 2010 which could attract wide readership all over Kerala. The editor of this magazine that has risen to a position of acclaim among the best cultural magazines is the famous writer C.V. Balakrishnan. Since 2013, Kairali Books has been a prominent presence in the Sharjah International Book Fair. Many books by renowned writers were published in various venues of the Sharjah Book Fair. In addition to this, Kairali Books could participate in different cultural and literary events in UAE.

 An international cultural festival is being conducted by Kairali Books since 2019. Many writers and workers from cultural fields from various Indian states and foreign countries have already attended this cultural fest of North Malabar. The tourism sector of North Malabar too is given due importance in the KICF. Kairali Books is planning various projects which are sure to awaken the literary, art and cultural zones of Kerala, esp. North Malabar.

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